Step 1: Share your personal URL!

  • Sign up with Indiegogo, or log into your existing account.
  • Go to Jetk.’s Indiegogo page
  • See the share icons on the right next to the video?
    1. Click on the “link” icon to generate your unique URL. Share it via social media and email – there are no limits to how you can promote this URL.
    2. Click any of the social media share buttons on the right side of Jetk.’s video. The link you tweet out or post to any other social site will also have your unique referral code in it!

Step 2: Track Your Results!

  • Log in to your Indiegogo account. On the top right corner of the page, you will see your name. Click it.
  • In the dropdown menu, click on “My Contributions”
  • In the menu bar, click on the “Referrals” tab. You will see the number of people you referred, the number who have purchased and the total amount they contributed.
  • For every 5 blade backers you bring in, you get $10 back!

Step 3: Claim your Rewards!

– For every 5 blade backers you bring in, you get $10 back!

– Arrange an Aeroclub Jetk. Pack with your friends or colleagues and you get a $99 worth Peta blade for FREE!

The Fine Details

  • Referrals are not immediately reflected on your Indiegogo profile but will be displayed within 24 hours.
  • Indiegogo is not able to track referrals made outside of this method. If you tell your friends by word of mouth or send a link without your unique referral ID, that share will NOT be counted in your referrals on Indiegogo.
  • Note that the referral must immediately make a contribution after clicking on your link. If they visit other pages or websites or leave and come back to the campaign later to contribute, their contribution will not be counted as a referral from you.
  • Since each campaign owner runs their own contests, all questions about the details of a specific campaign’s referral program or their rules should be directed to the campaigner.


 Q: Where to Share?

  • Get creative and make more cash back! You can share your unique link via social media (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat,) and email. You may want to post it even to your blog or online communities you are a part of.
  • Remember to be polite! Please don’t spam people you have no relationship with or get too pushy 🙂

Q: I can’t find my referral link code / I can’t see the ‘chain’ icon!

  • Sometimes the ‘chain’ icon link, as shown in above screenshots, to get your referral link on Indiegogo is hidden on screens smaller than 1280px i.e. smaller laptops, iPads or mobile devices like iPhones.
  • There are two solutions:

1. View the Indiegogo page on a larger screen such as a larger laptop or desktop computer:

2. Copy the url (must be logged in to Indiegogo)
Your unique referral link will also be populated in the search bar. If you do not see the “link” button to the right of the video in point 1 above, you can copy and paste the the URL from the search bar.

For example, when you’re logged in to your account, you should see the following URL in your search bar:

The unique referral ID in bold is highlighted for reference.

Q: How do I get cash back for my referrals?

  • Once our campaign is over, Indiegogo will provide us with information on how many perks were purchased through your referrals. We will then issue you a refund from the perk you have purchased.