Our Mission

To upcycle fighter jet turbo fan blades into beautiful and useful everyday items, and deliver them to people all over the world who will appreciate their great value and history.

Our Vision

To grow into a major, upcycling oriented, multitool manufacturer that will continually strive for better quality and usability of its innovative products.

Meet the Team

There is no better way to judge a project than to check who is behind it. So, here we are, the Jetk. team: four young aviation fans with a dream. Just two simple sentences before we get to it:

  1. We unconditionally love what we do and we believe in our product. That’s why we’re crowdfunding, we want like-minded people to know about our amazing product and join us. Joy and love are always better when shared!
  2. If there is something our friends know us for it is our dedication to the Jetk. Project.

On with the dream team now…


Project Director and Production Manager

Vasileios Sofikitis is a 23 year old seaman, a graduate of the Greek Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos and now an undergraduate student at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. Growing up, he traveled extensively across Europe, moving with his father who was a Hellenic Air Force Pilot and a NATO Officer. As a result, Vasileios received a multinational education, acquired a military mindset and developed a deep appreciation for the National, International and allied NATO and EU Armed Forces. He is also fluent in Greek, English, Italian and has basic knowledge of German. For the past 2 years he has been working on Jetk., an Indiegogo Project, where all of his knowledge and skills are being put to work. Apart from Jetk., he is in the process of writing a Sci-Fi book, develops web pages and enjoys windsurfing, the only effective antidote to the oceanic nostalgia. Currently, he is also training hard to prepare himself to join the Greek Navy SEALS.


PR, Communications & IT Manager

Porfyrios is a Web Developer and an undergraduate student of Informatics at the Athens University of Business and Economics. He has been a great admirer of the Air Force since he was a boy. His parents took him regularly to the Archangel International Air Show, held annually by the Hellenic Air Force. He has attended seminars ranging from Fire Fighting and Startup Funding to Landscape Architecture and Artisanal Cheese Making. In his free time – off the computer screen and the seminars – he enjoys hiking, BBQing, gardening, animal husbandry, painting and music. As part of the Jetk. team he enjoys his totally messed up work life balance! His future plans include graduating from his University and working on a strange startup that’s more like a sheep farm than a tech company.


Graphic Designer, Packaging and Art Director

Dimitris is a graduate of the Graphic Design Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. He was born and raised in Athens and now lives and works in Ioannina in Northern Greece. In every single one of his projects he suffers from a strong sense of “Horror Vacui”, and struggles to face it! He loves good typography and tries to work and live by the artistic rule of “less is more”. His childhood dream was to become a pilot, but he had an artistic deviation on the route, so to cover the distance he decided to join the Jetk. team and work on the design of the blades and their innovative packaging. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two adorable little daughters.


Media Producer and Content Creator

Sotiris, a graduate of the National Kapodistrian University οf Athens, was born and raised in Athens. His passion with video production begun from an early age and grew from there on. Always a perfectionist, he has worked tirelessly with many customers in a wide spectrum of projects creating an excellent product and an exquisite filming experience. He loves Greek folk music and he plays the lute as well as other traditional Greek instruments. Jetk. inspires him because he sees a great value in the story behind the product and loves to collaborate with other creative and passionate people.

Our Skills

Vasileios is crazy, no, seriously, his mind works in strange ways that boost the team’s creativity to the point the rest of us think that we are going to transform into some kind of Green Hulky Artists.

Porfyrios is our IT Guy and our Programmer, you know, drinking tons of energy drinks and doing stuff that’s totally prohibited outside Silicon Valley.

Dimitris is our Graphic Designer, the kind of guy you hire when you want to say the word “wow” for seeing something beautiful more than 128 times per day (somebody counted, this number is not random).

And then comes Sotiris, the Eye: without his lights and cameras nothing important ever happens in this universe.

The only thing we all have in common is our unconditional dedication and commitment to deliver to our backers the ultimate crowdfunding experience and the most amazing perks they will have ever gotten from an Indiegogo campaign. In just two words, we rock!